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11 Reasons to Adopt a Stray Dog

  1. You learn responsibility
  2. Save lives
  3. Taking stand against the buying and selling of living beings
  4. Health benefits
  5. You earn a Lifelong Friend
  6. Unconditional protector
  7. Helps educate your children
  8. Improves in socializing
  9. You adopt a unique animal
  10. You will save money
  11. They have strong immune

1. You learn responsibility

Adopting a stray dog is a huge decision to make that compromises you for the rest of the animal’s life. Adopting is simply about taking care of another person which is completely depended on you and that is why adopting helps you to become responsible.

2. Save a Life

They are out there in the road with no certainty of next moment. A vehicle might run over them and no one will know. There are many dogs out there in the street, living their life with fear, hunger, cold, physical abuse and mistreated by people. Adopting a street dog will save their life and remove the stigma attached to a dog being a ‘stray’.

3. Taking stand against the buying and selling of living beings:

Dogs are not an object to buy in the pet store, they are a friend and companion for life. You can buy a perfect dog from the pet store but only love can wag his tail. When you buy a dog from a pet store you are directly or indirectly contributing to the breeding which is done in a very poor condition. Breeders usually do not care about the female dog giving birth through their lives unwillingly. The mother dog goes through a lot of pain, hunger, cold, sickness, mistreatments and physical abuses. So, when you are buying a dog you are contributing all the abuses that a mother dog goes through. By choosing to adopt a street dog, you’re taking a stand against cruelty to animals by money-minting breeders. 

4. Health benefits:

Studies have shown that the bond between people and their dog can increase fitness, helps fight stress and bring the happiness to the owner. There are many health benefits of having a dog at home. Having a dog gives you an opportunity to go for a walk, exercise and socialize. Some of the health benefits of having a pet include:

  1. Decreased blood pressure
  1. Decreased cholesterol levels
  2. Decreased triglyceride levels
  3. Decreased feelings of loneliness
  4. Increased opportunities for exercise and outdoor activities
  5. Increased opportunities for socialization

5. You earn a Lifelong Friend:

A dog’s love in unconditional, they have no boundaries of love. They will love you for what you are and be with you in your good and bad times. If you feel alone or isolated, then after adopting a dog you will never feel alone. They will love you and stay faithful to you thought his life. They will wait for you all they on your doorstep and welcome with same love and excitement.

6. Unconditional Protector:

Dog’s by instinct take care and protect their herd. As we choose dog as a part of family, for dog he considers his owner as the part of the pack due to which he becomes an unconditional protector to his family. They also naturally become protective towards the things they consider theirs.

7. Helps educate your children:

A dog at home helps children to be responsible as taking care of a living being is different than being responsible for unloading the dishwasher. In addition is also teach your children to respect other living beings. Owning a dog allows them to practice their IQ skills and improves their emotional intelligence over time. Caring for another living being will simply grow them as a compassionate. Regularly taking care of their dogs by feeding, taking out for a walk at the times where they would have been playing teach them the act of being selfless and also grew them as caring and kind man who have empathy for the needs of themselves and others”.

8. Improve in Socializing:

Regular taking your taking your dog for walk simply improves your social life by socializing and meeting more people. In a short time, you will know almost all the dog’s and their dog in your area.

9. You are adopting a unique dog:

The dog you find in the street are usually different than other dog’s, so there are unique in appearance and color and also they have well defined personality. Also it doesn’t matter how dogs look as it is the heart that counts not the fur. If you’ve ever loved a dog, you’d know it is insensitive to objectify them into status symbols.

10. You will save money:

Buying a dog from pet stores from breeder will cost you very expensive and there is even no guarantee that they will live a long life as considering the poor condition their mother was kept during the time of their pregnancy. Adopting a stray dog won’t cost you anything but you love and commitment for a life. Adopting a stray dog, you can save the money of purchase and buy some treats and toys for your furry baby.

11. They have strong immune:

  1. Some of the foreign breed dogs are usually not suitable for our climate which is nothing more than causing the suffering to the dog. Since the local street dogs have been surviving in the harshest climate, they are strong and they are much more immune to contracting diseases than those prefects breed dogs in the internet.

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