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4 Reasons You Need To Pick Up Your Dog’s Poop

It is very necessary to pick up the dog poo in the public places. However, when people take their dog in the walk and they would do their business and people would keep walking. Most of the time the owner neglects to pick up their dog’s waste, perhaps they do not have poop bags, are in rush or they did not see why it is important to pick up their dog’s waste. Dog’s waste is not natural and is not the same thing as fertilizer. Dog waste is toxic as it contains bacteria, virus, parasites and plenty of other harmful components that can pollute water. During the time of storm these toxic bodies travel in under the water which increase the amount of algae and weed growth that turns water murky and green and also alter the amount of oxygen and ammonia in the surrounding which can thereby kill the aquatic wildlife.


1. It will not breakdown on it’s own:

Dog’s waste is not breakdown or wash away easily as it can take 12 month to break down fully. When the rain water wash away the dog’s poop it can flow into the drainage and mix into river, lakes and streams which can pollute the water. Studies have also shown that 30% bacteria found in water are came from the dog’s waste.

2. It contains disease causing bacteria and parasites:

Even if dog doesn’t show any symptoms of being sick their waste can spread harmful parasites to other animals and humans. Their waste can carry round worm, hookworms, whipworms, giardia, parvo and other harmful bacteria. The parasites and bacteria in dog waste can stay in soil for many years so by not picking up your dog waste you are putting other animals and human at the risk of exposer to the harmful bacteria and parasites. Children, pets and gardeners are in the most risk of the contamination to the harmful bacteria.

3. Dog poop is not a fertilizer:

Most of the people think dog’s poop are a natural fertilizer, which is wrong. Dogs poop are high in protein which has a reverse effect of the fertilizer. Dog’s poop is high in nitrogen and phosphorous, since it’s acidic can kill your grass if not picked up. While cow poop can be used as fertilizer, whereas dog’s poop can contaminate the vegetables, plants and fruits with harmful bacteria if not composted properly. Dog’s poop can harm the ecosystem, especially at highly polluted areas. An ecosystem can handle only two dogs per square miles whereas there are more than 100 dogs per square miles which can affect the ecosystem especially when the owner is not picking up their dog’s waste.

4. Common courtesy to pick up your dog’s waste:

It is a common courtesy to pick up our dog waste and also responsibility of a dog parents. It is also unpleasant to discover a very terrible smell when you take your dog for a walk away from your home or entering public property. The owner should ensure to pick up their waste as their dog’s waste is their mess.

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