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Oxsa Nepal runs different campaigns to help stray animals. Imagine not being able to express hunger or thirst. It sounds difficult to us yet these animals go through this every day.

Let’s become the voice for the voiceless.

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Jar with love and coins and dogs

Together We Can!

We are running a campaign to feed the voiceless street dogs and seek your help! 

Together, we can feed 300+ street dogs every day. Therefore, we ask for your support in such difficult times. These voiceless little ones can’t express their hunger or thirst. Stuck in the middle of chaos, we are there only hope. 

We humbly request you to extend your hand and send love to these street dogs.

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Join Us in our Animal Welfare Campaign

You can become the voice for the voiceless. Join hands with us for the welfare of stray animals.

Someone giving a biscuit to the dog

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