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Why Trimming Your Dog’s Nails Is Important?

Usually the dog that walk or run around the concrete or hard surface tends to wear down their nails whereas the dogs that spends most of their time inside their home or running around the grassy surface can lead to long nails. Long nail is at high risk of being torn off such as by caught on a piece of carpet or furniture which can lead to discomfort and infection and also can lead to the damages to your floor. Long dog’s nail can also create discomfort to your dog to walk and also constantly put pressure in their nail bed. It can also affect your dog’s joints by making them shift their weight backwards making their back and hind leg take more stress than they are mean to. Sometimes the overgrown nail can make your dog’s toe apart making it difficult to walk. For senior dog’s trimming the nails are even more important as it can lead to joint injury, tripping or snagging their long nails can create injuries that can be very detrimental to them. Trimming your dog’s nail offer as much benefits to you as it does to your dogs.

How often you should trim your dog’s nail??

When your dog’s nails hit the floor if you can hear your pet’s nails “clicking” on the floor, then it’s time for a trim. Also if your dog’s nail is touching the ground or see them turn sideways, it means it’s time to trim your dog’s nail.

What should you do if your dog doesn’t like to trim his nail??

Trimming your dog’s nail is an essential part of a healthy grooming routine, but the job can be daunting. Some dog’s do not like to trim their nails as working slowly with treats can be the answer. Or sometimes it’s easier to do with your near pet care professionally as it is quicker and the chances of over cutting the nail is less. Sometimes if you’re not confident in trimming the nails your pet will know as they can pick up your fear.

Tips to cut your pet’s nail

If your dog isn’t used to having their nail trimmed than you can simply start with the treats and get them comfortable with the trimmer. You should gradually have introduced them with clipper and also getting them used to of handling their paws comfortably. You should also praise your dogs and reward them with treats until they allow you to trim their nails. There are few things you need to keep in mind before you clip your dog’s nail. You need to hold the clipper in 45-degree angle while trimming the nails. Also you need to make sure about the “Quick” which encapsulates a nerve and a blood vessel, accidentally cutting the quick will leads to excessive bleeding to your pet’s nail. You should carefully cut the nail and also make sure you are only cutting the white layer of the nail and stop before you reach the pink part of the nail which is also known as quick. For black nails, stop before you reach the whitish interior of the nail.

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