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About Us

Oxsa Nepal is an NGO that started 15 years ago with the unconditional love for dogs in the streets of Nepal. We have been providing food, shelter, and health supplies to the strays located at Jwagal, Lalitpur. Moreover, our home has been serving as the shelter to more than 50 dogs, cats, birds from the past 15 years.

The journey started long ago and the founder of Oxsa Nepal, Ms. Raina Byanjankar, inherited the legacy of her parents. The family shares an undying love for the voiceless and needy. No matter how many strays they adopt and bring home, it’s never enough for them. There’s nothing this foundation would not do to contribute to uplifting the situation of street dogs in Nepal.
How it all started?

It all started with Oxsa, a German Shepherd that was growing up with Ms. Byanjankar. Oxsa was never an animal to the family and they loved her like a daughter. Raina and Oxsa would do many things together and shared the precious bond of sisterhood. However, their bond didn’t last long as Oxsa’s story came to an end. The whole family was shattered and completely devastated.

A major part of their lives had gone missing and soon enough Oxsa Nepal was founded with an idea to help the strays. The Byanjankar family started feeding the stray dogs around their area, Jwagal (Lalitpur). If it were up to them, they would go around feeding every street dogs in Nepal. Even though they provide shelter to over 50 dogs, cats, and birds, the family has never stopped feeding the strays around their area.

What Does Oxsa Nepal do for the Street Dogs in Nepal?

Oxsa Nepal is more than a foundation – it’s the home of emotions and feelings for the voiceless animals. It is also involved in the rescue and treatment of the needy ones. Moreover, it helps the strays find a loving and caring home. Besides these, Oxsa Nepal is actively involved in raising awareness campaigns among people to help the stray animals.

For the foundation, these voiceless animals are all they have and in most ways, the same implies to the strays. Greatest believers of the phrase “If not us, then who?”, Oxsa Nepal continues to exhibit a selfless act of love and care. While you are spending your time reading this, Oxsa Nepal is feeding a stray somewhere.

He who feeds a hungry animal feeds his own soul” – Charlie Chaplin.

You can too give a hand and feed a stray by donating to us.



We aim to create a world where street dogs and animals can coexist with human beings free of chaos and suffering.


Our mission is to advance with the protection and welfare of stray animals. To raise awareness against the inhumane treatment of street dogs in Nepal, and enhance the human-animal bond.


  • Our top priority is Animal care.
  • Stray animals are always welcome in our shelter.
  • We improve the quality of food and shelter for the street dogs in Nepal.
  • We feed all strays in our area.
  • We rescue animals and search for a loving home.
  • We spay stray dogs to control population.
  • We encourage adoption over purchase.