Oxsa Nepal

Caring for Stray Dogs from the Past 15 Years

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Join us in our mission to save the voiceless animals and help us continue creating a better tomorrow for our rescues.

A girl sitting with a german sheperd

About Oxsa Nepal

- Raina Byanjankar (Founder)

Oxsa Nepal began its journey to help stray animals in 2005. Since then, it has been helping stray dogs, cats, and all animals to find a home, food, and love.

Every animal has the right to live happily with love and care just like human beings. Our aim is to reach out and help these voiceless strays in sadness and pain.

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Oxsa Nepal's Journey

राईना ब्यनजनकारको मायाको कथा।

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Our Mission

The one thing that drives Oxsa Nepal is the need for someone to care for the stray animals. We help them find a home and proper care.

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Feed the Stray

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Rescue the needy ones

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